Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed Credits


Game CreationSSI Special Projects Group
Game DevelopmentRhonda Van
IBM ProgrammingRussell Brown
Amiga ProgrammingKerry Bonin
Graphics / ArtworkLaura R. Bowen, Fred Butts
Test ManagerGraeme Bayless
PlaytestersJohn C. Boockholdt, Glen A. Cureton, Michael H. Gilmartin, Cyrus G. Harris, Sean House, John Kirk, Robert Lupo, Brian Lowe, Alan Marenco, Jeffrey Shotwell, Chris Warshauer, Larry Stephen Webber, James Young, Al Brown
MusicGeorge Alistair Sanger
Art DirectorTom Wahl
PackagingDavid Boudreau, Ray Garcia, Kirk Nichols
DocumentationEileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
ProducerRhonda Van
Project ManagerVictor Penman
Writing / Dialogue / StoryChris Carr, Adragon DeMello, Ken Eklund, Cynthia Huang, Tom Ono, David Shelley, Gary Shockley, Tony Van
SupportKym Goyer
Art, Graphic Design & DTPDavid Boudreau (Louis Saekow Design)
Pre‑press ProductionKirk Nichols (Louis Saekow Design), Ray Garcia (Louis Saekow Design)
PrintingAmerican Lithographers Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by WildKard (12987) and Tony Van (2856)