Written by  :  Droog (522)
Written on  :  Aug 16, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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An interesting and funny game concept is very frustrating in practice due to the difficulty of the puzzles and the lack of direction in the game

The Good

Bureaucracy is a very funny game, from the silly forms you have to fill out to all the goofy situations and characters. As always for an Infocom game, the parser is excellent and the storytelling is vivid and descriptive.

The Bad

The puzzles we extremely difficult and I felt again and again that I had no idea what my goal was or where I was going. I got to the point at where the Bureaucracy in the game was more frustrating than funny and many puzzles had rather contrived solutions.

The Bottom Line

Bureaucracy is a comedy adventure game set in present times where you deal with a never-ending parade of forms, failures, and petty characters trying to deprive you of your wealth and well-being.