Caesar II Credits


Simon Bradbury, David Lester
DesignChristopher J. Foster, David Lester
Programming & Additional DesignSimon Bradbury
ProductionChristopher J. Foster
Art DirectionChris Beatrice
Graphics & AnimationChris Beatrice, Scot B. Forbes, Heidi Mann, Andrea Muzeroll
Sound & MusicJeremy A. Bell, Jason P. Rinaldi
Speech Recording & ProductionPolyLang Multimedia Ltd.
Translation & Re-RecordingCoktel Vision
Voice Talent (English)Mike Broadbent Jones, Krysia Campbell, Raymond Greenoaken, Christopher Wilkinson
Video CompressionSteven Serafino
Documentation & ResearchTodd Capute, Jennifer Hawthorne
Director of TechnologyDavid Mitton
Quality Assurance ManagerSteven Serafino
Lead TesterEdward Pugsley
Quality AssuranceKen Ford, Michael Lescault, Joseph McGuire
Additional TestingChristopher Bamford, Phillip Conrad, Louis Ely, Jeffrey Fiske, Gregor Koomey, Larry Mangum
Based on Caesar bySimon Bradbury, David Lester
Uses Smacker Video Technology byInvisible Inc. [d.b.a RAD Software]

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159537) and Dr. Elementary (299)