Written by  :  -Chris (7565)
Written on  :  Aug 16, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  0.2 Stars0.2 Stars0.2 Stars0.2 Stars0.2 Stars

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Merchandising trash.

The Good

Uh... well...

The Bad

Don't get your hopes too high, Captain Power fans. This program is from a time when a licensed game didn't necessarily have anything to do with the original. Well, apart from the name and one or two artworks, that is. Developer Box Office most likely bought a simple space shooter and slapped the Captain Power logo on the box. So if you expect any nice references to the TV series, any character appearances, any plot at all, you'll be disappointed.

What's more, Box Office easily lives up to its astonishingly bad reputation as a producer of simple, technically bad and utterly unimportant trash. Captain Power is a prime example. And nothing more.

The Bottom Line

Not worth the disk it came on.