Car and Driver (DOS)

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Written by  :  James Mills (2)
Written on  :  Feb 03, 2005

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The Good

Hi! My name is James and I have created a user account on MobyGames solely to add this review.

I can’t believe I have found Car & Driver! This game meant so much to me! I have chosen to place my review with MobyGames because of the large selection of screenshots here. Superb!

Before I continue, I was not a big gamer (1992), and bought very few games.

I am an Automotive Design and Test Engineer (England, UK) for a large vehicle manufacturer. This is worth mentioning as it (loosely) justifies my sadness in my rantings below. Here goes.

I bought Car & Driver back in 1992 for my all singing & all dancing 386DX (40Mhz!!!).

Other driving sims at that time on my 386 were ‘Indianapolis 500’ - An oval racer.

As I am typing this, my head is churning to dig up these facts! Car & Driver was bought after lots of research. I used all my money I received for Christmas to purchase and my parents thought I was mad. The main reason for purchase is that I am not an ‘arcade’ fan. This means that ‘checkpoints’ and ‘bonus power ups’ is just not my cup of tea. This is emphasized by my reference to ‘Indianapolis 500’ above. Car & Driver provided car reviews, facts, comments and data. Lots of data. Even back then (before graduation) I was thinking as an Engineer.

I remember receiving the box through the post and being impressed by the amount of floppy disks that were included to hold the game!!! This game must be good I thought. I was not disappointed.

The dashboards were a work of art. I can remember the Corvette’s digital dash. Plus the Ferrari's big wooden rimmed steering wheel. I can’t really remember driving dynamics – but I spent months, every night after school playing this game hard; I mean really hard – so it couldn’t of been that bad.

I spent hours in the shopping mall car park. Yes – a shopping mall car park was an actual track! Genius! I perfected donuts in the Cobra. Learnt about oversteer and throttle control. You could even practice parking in designated bays! When you are too young to have a driving license (like me, back in ’92) that meant SO much.

The replays were very good as well. The cars had graduated body colour texture and, wait for it, working brake lights! How cool was that! I remember doing replays on the starting line, just dabbing my brakes, quitting, then watching the replay just for flashing brake lights.

Like I said, other games may have provided the above, but Car & Driver felt so right, so technically correct. It was a technically strong game.

Anyway, I have not played this game in 12 years – so all the above is from memory. I found the box and the original EA discs in my loft (attic/roofspace, you know). I tried to install it last week (September 2004) to my current PC but one of the discs is corrupt. Doh! I will now go on a hunt for a download or something. The Internet is quite new for me. Wish me luck!

A lot of my youth gaming was on this piece of software. It fueled my love for cars, and shaped my career and gaming personality. Needless to say, it spawned an obsession with technically correct, non ‘arcadey’ driving sims which is why recently, GT1, GT2, GT3, GT3 Concept and the soon to be released GT4 have also been my sole gaming avenue - I own no other titles for my PS1 or PS2.

Added February 2005 : I have managed to obtain the game and install it on my machine!!!!! It was like restoring a part of my childhood! Everything above still stands, but after many years of the Gran Turismo series, boy, the physics are questionable!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, thanks for listening. James.

The Bad

My corrupt floppy disc in 2004. Funny that.... In 2005, I can now say physics, but this is unfair. In '92 I had no complaints....!

The Bottom Line

Please see above.