Caribbean Disaster Credits (DOS)

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Caribbean Disaster Credits


Idea & ConceptRalph Stock
RealisationRalph Stock, Michael Stigler
ProgrammingHenrik Nordhaus
ArtworkThomas Andrae
Music (CD)Matthias Steinwachs
Music (Soundblaster)Chris Hülsbeck
Sound EffectsChris Hülsbeck
Voice Talent (CD Version)Ron Williams
Ingame TextMichael Stigler, Ralph Stock
Beta TestingWolfgang Merkens, Michael Stigler, Stefan Mayer, Raimund Lingen
ManualMichael Stigler, Ralph Stock, Norbert Beckers
Package DesignUNAS Verlag; Aachen
Special Thanks toRon Williams (without his enthusiasm we wouldn't be able to realise Caribbean Disaster)
This game is dedicated to all people that still thinkMallorca is the hub of the world

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