Business Model Attribute Image Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required Pentium
Minimum OS Class Required DOS 6.2
Minimum RAM Required 8 MB
Media Type Attribute Image CD-ROM
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required 2X
Drivers/APIs Supported Glide
Video Modes Supported SuperVGA, VGA
Sound Devices Supported Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE32, Sound Blaster Pro
Input Devices Supported Gravis Gamepad, Joystick (Analog), Attribute Image Keyboard, Attribute Image Mouse, Steering/Driving Wheel
Multiplayer Options IPX
Number of Players: Offline Attribute Image 1 Player
Miscellaneous Attributes Audio CD Tracks
Notes Requires at least:
Pentium 75 MHz CPU
16 MB RAM for Multiplayer Network Play
20 MB of free HDD space.
1 MB VRAM graphic card for SVGA mode
MSCDEX 2.25.

Technical information contributed by swaaye (35), chirinea (43865), robotriot (9071) and formercontrib (159514)