The Case of the Cautious Condor Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro - P.I. Office
Title screen and options menu
Prologue - Hidroplane where the game plot takes place
Prologue - World War I flashback
Prologue - Peters' badge
Prologue - millionaire Bronson and Peters
Main interface
Suspect notebook (from the tutorial)
The nazi Schnorrer and the socialite Lady Waddington
Fore room
Accusing Lady Waddington
Accusing the Egyptian prince Fakouk
Nymphomaniac Madame Petrovka and womanizer Hernando Cabrón dancing the tango
Actress Wanda Shepard
Peters eating a sandwich
Meeting room
Aft room
Bird statue
Finding some evidence
Game room
Searching for evidence
Okanjo Kudasai, japanese businessman
Southern Hyacynthia Dunne and frenchman François Leclerc
When the end is near, this speaker appears
Accusing the reporter Vera Simmons
Hindu Jagdish Mehta and prince Fakouk
Further evidence
Prince Fakouk notebook entry
Game over