Castle of Dr. Brain Credits


Executive ProducerKen Williams
Creative DirectorWilliam R. Davis Sr.
Designed and Directed byCorey Cole
ProducerStuart Moulder
Art Design byAndy Hoyos
Lead ArtistDouglas Herring
Programmed byCorey Cole, Steve Conrad, Jack Magne, Brett Miller, John Wentworth
Art and Animation byJay Allan Friedmann, Jon Bock, Dana Moody, Bob Gleason, Douglas Herring, Andy Hoyos, Jerry Jesserun, Deena Krutak, Dennis Lewis, Vasken N. Sayre, John Shroades, Arturo Sinclair, Diana Wilson
Music DirectorMark Seibert
Music and Sound Effects byKen Allen, Robert Atesalp, Christopher Braymen, Orpheus Hanley, Mark Seibert
Development System byChad Bye, Steven Coallier, John Crane, Dan Foy, Pablo Ghenis, Eric Hart, Robert Eric Heitman, Ken Koch, J. Mark Hood, Terry McHenry, Randy Moss, John Rettig, Larry Scott, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Jeff Stephenson, Mark Wilden
Quality Assurance Lead byDave Clingman, Sharon Simmons
Spanish localizationRandall Mage
Additional MaterialLori Ann Cole
Manual WriterBridget McKenna
Manual DesignNathan Gams
Manual IllustrationsDennis Lewis, John Shroades, Andy Hoyos
Cover artwork byTerry Robinson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tomer Gabel (4644), formercontrib (159638), Randall Mage (120) and Pseudo_Intellectual (59602)