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Back of Box - DOS (US):
    Immerse yourself in all of the glory and honor of being a medieval Baron struggling for the throne. Forge diplomatic alliances with neighboring power hungry barons while you use your administrative skills to build and empire of trade and wealth. Defend your otherwise helpless people with well-trained armies and might castles. Succeed and you will be made the King of France! Over 30 minutes of BBC documentary footage show you how and why castles were planned, constructed, sieged and attacked prior to the age of gunpowder. Using this knowledge, you can create your own original castle designs to play against your computer opponents. Or, you can choose from 10 historical castles for your own personal fortress.

    "A first rate strategy game... It's a joy to play."
    Computer Gaming World

    • More than 40 intricate subplots will test your kingly decision making, creating dozens of new challenges
    • Classic film footage from Alexander Nevsky and The Private Life of King Henry VIII and color and grace to enhance your kingdom building.
    • Over five hours of digitized speech by top Hollywood talent will involve you in all the politics, frolic, and treachery of the 14th century.
    • An original musical score reflects the many moods of medieval life.
    • Four progressive game levels and total control of all aspects of gameplay assure you'll never experience the same game world twice!
    • 256-color, VGA graphics bring the brilliance of the Middle Ages to your computer screen.
    • An on-disk tutorial gently guides you through your princely apprenticeship.
    • Easy point-and-click icon interface.

    Contributed by jlebel (2126) on Aug 11, 2004.