Castles II: Siege & Conquest Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Main Title
Title screen (CD-ROM version)
Game Options
Political Map
CD Intro
CD Intro - Wizard
CD Intro - Conspirators
The CD version comes with several short documentaries.
CD documentary: Mound
CD documentary: Mound on modern times
CD documentary: Castle origins
CD documentary: Basic castle model
CD documentary: Moat
CD documentary: Number of castles in west britain
CD documentary: Wood structure built on the walls.
CD documentary: Keep
CD documentary: Shooting arrows through a murder hole.
CD documentary: Complex castle with surrounding moat
Glossary (CD version)
CD Tutorial
CD Tutorial: The Pope emissary
CD Tutorial: Negotiation failed.
CD Tutorial: Battle interface
CD Tutorial: Castle building interface
CD Tutorial: Valois attacking
CD Tutorial: Choosing a castle design.
Castle designs (CD version)
Beaumaris introduction (CD version)
Beaumaris characteristics (CD version)
Beaumaris documentary (CD version)
Beaumaris documentary - inside the castle (CD version)
CD Rom Version: FMV cutscene of your throne room.
CD Rom Version: You receive a messenger...
CD Rom Version: As the game goes on, various people will come to see you.
CD Rom Version: A castle is completed.
CD Rom Version: A spy reports back.
CD Rom Version: Attacking an enemy castle.
CD Rom Version: A knight.
CD Rom Version: An adviser.
CD Rom Version: The royal physician.