Written by  :  Tiamat (18)
Written on  :  Apr 22, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
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Nothing to write home about.

The Good

Not much actually. I got excited over screenshots that I saw and especially excited when I heard comparisons being made with the ultima series. There are some really great features, such as the unique ability to completely edit your face, you can actually draw your own portrait! Back then an unheard of feature before the great import options of Baldurs Gate. The creators made a good attempt at personalising various characters that you meet BUT...more on that later...look, it's an alright game, but actually can't think of anything else I really liked.

The Bad

Now, remembering that I am just voicing my own opinion, that's what you do when you review something. The so called personality system? I can't say I ever noticed. What I did notice was that all the NPC's are immortal. C'mon a show of hands for anyone who played ultima VI or VII and did'nt one day save their game and indulge in a savage killing spree. I HATE invulnerable NPC's in a RPG! It just serves to take away from the reality factor. You know what else I hate in an RPG? Time limits. I know, I know it's part of the plot and all that, and time limits can be fun in an RPG if certain quests have time constraints to them, but I'll never enjoy an RPG that takes place over a set number of days and NPC's don't even get off their chairs. Some personality.

The Bottom Line

A very "light" and definitely dated RPG. Give me "Darlkands" any day, now there was a game...