Challenge of the Five Realms Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
All Five Kingdoms, served up on a tray just for you.
Introduction: things seem peaceful enough
Intro: boning up on some ancient history.
Intro: uh-oh... this doesn't look good.
Character generation menu
Generating the character.
Ultima-style, answer questions to determine your stats.
Here's the gist.
And if you want it spelled out for you, some crass numbers.
Draw your own face? A nice option to have... now if only I had a modicum of artistic talent 8)
Copy protection
Our hero awakens.
Stats and some possible actions
The plot moves briskly along.
The Five Kingdoms again -- which one will you travel to first?
Travel to distant places and have stimulating conversations with exotic locals!
The map display shifts to full-screen during combat.
That combat being, incidentally, often deadly 8)
Game over!