CHAMP Kong Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen and main menu.
The Options menu.
The Game Settings menu allows you to switch from Classic to Champ mode.
Game instructions.
As in the original, the game starts with an introductory cut scene.
Ready... steady...
GO! Jump'n'Run!
Jumping barrels is not easy at first, but give you points.
The hammer allows you to smash things.
Yay! I got her! ...
... but Kong takes her to the next level.
Level 2. Your girlfriend lost some things on the way. Pick them up for points.
He-he, let's smash this stupid fireballs!
But even the best things end. Mostly, it ends this way.
At least, you can survive in the high score table.
This is the first level in the "Champ" mode.
And this is the second one.