Chronicles of the Sword Credits


Original Concept and DesignKevin Bulmer
Project ManagementCraig Foster
Head of ProgrammingJohn Wildsmith
Assistant ProgrammerKevan Harriman
CodeJohn Wildsmith
Art DirectionKevin Bulmer
ArtistsKevin Bulmer, Nigel Bunegar, Matthew Stott, Kate Copestake, Mark Sheridan, Ben Clark
ScriptKate Copestake
Additional ScriptDave Minto
Manual and Clue BookDave Minto
MusicBen Daglish
Speech and Sound EffectsPC Music Ltd.


ProducerBill Allen
P.R.Mark Day, Dana Oertell
MarketingLisa Dunlevie , Lori Von Rueden, Laura McLeod
Quality AssurancePaul Wallace, Kevin Reilly, Jenny Newby, Paul Tweedle, John Walsh
Product ManagerNadia Lawlor, Sue Campbell
Product Manager AssistantLorna Owen
PR ManagerJane Hickey
Packaging DesignRichard Turner (Twisty)
PhotographyStuart Haygarth
Manual EditorHuw Thomas (Chubby)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jewelcase (1186) and Wizo (29572)