Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, August 1987:

    "At Mach 3 you don't have time
    for sightseeing."
    -Chuck Yeager

    You are looking at a breakthrough in flight simulation. Not just a sleepy ride in a Cessna. Or a safe, pretty collection of scenery. But the kind of Mach-speed simulation that makes your palms sweat - and your inner-ear scream for mercy.

    Chuck Yeager co-piloted the entire design. We gave him Mach-speed graphics drivers, state-of-the-art 3-D terrain modeling, and authentic aerodynamics. He added things only Chuck Yeager would think of, like seat-of-the-pants in-air flight instruction, formation flying and even test piloting of 14 different aircraft.

    Now you can experience the fun and excitement of flying like never before. Streak along at Yeager's wing - flying formation through gates, slaloms and skyscrapers. Punch a hole in the sky and drive the SR-71 "Blackbird" at full thrust to the very edge of space. Climb into the P-51 "Mustang" and race wide-open, full throttle against six computer-controlled adversaries.

    The action is so fast, even experienced pilots can "auger in." Which is why Yeager insisted on windscreen cursors that teach you in mid-flight: from flawless take-offs and flare landings to aileron rolls, Cuban 8's, even Hammerhead stalls.

    You can even take on the challenges of a test pilot using Yeager's own evaluation charts. Strap yourself into the Bell X-1 and shatter the sound barrier. Check out Yeager's three supersonic X-jets and enter the "realm of the unknown." Push them too hard and you'll discover the gut-wrenching sensation of hurtling toward Earth at Mach 3.

    As Yeager says, the real hero is the test pilot who somehow manages to survive. So climb into the cockpit with the greatest pilot in history - and put yourself to the test.

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Oct 17, 2001.

From the back cover:

    Test pilots are only wrong once.

    From the edge of space you scream toward Earth at Mach 3. Suddenly, your $30 million needle of rocket-fueled titanium spins violently out of control. You've only got 8 seconds - just 20,000 feet - before you dig a fiery hole in the desert. Experience and instincts take charge as you struggle with the controls... Yeager's words echo through your mind: The real hero is the test pilot who somehow manages to survive...

    Climb in the cockpit with the greatest test pilot ever.

    • Learn advanced flying the Yeager Way. Unique Windscreen Cursors teach you in-air: Flawless takeoffs, landings, aileron rolls, Cuban 8's, even hammerhead stalls.
    • Fly Yeager's wing. Follow the leader at daredevil speed through gates, slaloms, and skyscrapers.
    • Knock on Heaven's Door. Test pilot 14 different aircraft, including mach-speed and experimental jets. Use authentic test pilot evaluation charts.
    • Race wide open, full throttle. Compete against the computer adversary. Record your wins and let your friends try to outrace you.

    Simulation that'll have your inner-ear screaming for mercy.

    • Mach-speed graphics drivers with detailed 3D terrain.
    • Actual aerodynamics of 14 different aircraft.
    • "Black box recorders" to save your finest stunts and air races.
    • Dynamic instrumentation with working gauges. Full Mach and G-meters.
    • 10 distinct viewpoints with zoom up to 256x.
    • In-depth instruction manual compiled by pro flight instructors and Chuck Yeager.

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Sep 08, 2001.