Cloud Kingdoms Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen (CGA)
Level selection screen. Note that while you only get four colours at a time, which four you get... (CGA)
... are a bit flexible! Welcome to Cloud Kingdom. Use the key in the top left to unlock the door to your right. (CGA)
Pursuing a (stationary) jewel, pursued by a (mobile) pool ball. (CGA)
Two varieties of bumpers designed to knock you into the pit (CGA)
In Island Kingdom, you use the paintpots to "paint" new paths for yourself as you go. (CGA)
Maybe your failure was due to a sub-optimal key configuration? (CGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Level selection screen (EGA)
Welcome to Quartet Kingdom (EGA)
Being behind the eight-ball is never a good thing. You're about to be ground to mincemeat behind FOUR of them! (EGA)
On arrow squares, all roads lead... (EGA)
to an untimely demise! Once your eyes bug out, your goose is as good as cooked. (EGA)
Arrow Kingdom is nothing /but/ arrows and bumpers! Only one gem to collect on the entire level. (EGA)
Bumpers, keys, gems -- in 16 fabulous colours! (EGA)
That ice sure is slippery... (EGA)
Look carefully, and you'll notice little wings on me permitting me to do a flyby over this doorless chamber... thanks to the powerup in the bottom right. (EGA)
Bridge Kingdom, where no jumping is allowed (on "magnet" squares) over enemies. (EGA)
High-score table (EGA)