Written by  :  Lucas Schippers (59)
Written on  :  Dec 23, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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A brave, innovative Sierra adventure that ultimately doesn't accomplish much.

The Good

Designed by Jim Walls as a potential spinoff of his Police Quest series, Iceman was way ahead of its time in terms of plot. The game had you take on the role of a Bond-esque military guy on a quest to stop some nasty political business (in the middle east, if I recall correctly). I remember being delighted (at age 12) when I managed to get the girl in bed for the first time (score!).

The Bad

Then again, it is INSANELY difficult and far too obtuse for its own good. Walls' philosophy with the Police Quest games he designed was to simulate actual police protocol, and to a large extent he succeeded (although I never liked the Police Quest games). Cops are "real world" enough that the average, literate person can reasonably be expected to slip into the shoes of a police officer after the minimal instruction booklet briefing. But a super secret military agent guy? Last I checked, not too many of those guys and gals were around, and as such, I had a hard time getting anywhere in this game. How am I supposed to know how to plot waypoints on a nuclear submarine's navigation computer? Yet this is just one of numerous onerous tasks that Iceman thrusts upon you, the gamer. Good luck. This became one of many Sierra adventures for which I had to buy a hintbook (a cottage industry which Sierra started and has since blossomed into a major arm of several publishers).

The Bottom Line

Interesting plot, damn hard adventure gaming, and piloting a submarine. Don't hit the icebergs!