Written by  :  William Shawn McDonie (1183)
Written on  :  Dec 29, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
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Great promise, good begining, and terrible everything else

The Good

Well as the summary hints at this game started out great. When this game came out my brother was a 30 year old Army officer (and gamer) that had this new exciting game. However he could never beat it. So I the younger brother (15) gave it a shot. I loved the opening and though that the sound was good. I liked the grapics and the gameplay. But the best part of this game had to be the plot. It had so much potiental I could hardly wait to find out what happend next.

The Bad

.... And then I got to the sub part of the game. On the way to the sub I had a hard time and resorted to my usual tatic when I cant figure out something... I cheated. I bought the hint book and after much effort got in the sub. But once in the sub not even the hint book could save me. I very very rarely not finish a game. For me it is more important to finish than to stay true to the gaming experience. But in this game I could never ever get that sub working. To this day this game sits on my hard drive. (Now 3 computers later) I dont remember all the problems it had but I do remember the game getting worse and worse as it went on.

The Bottom Line

First of all no offence to the first reviewer but I wonder if they have the right game. I can not immagine it only took 2 hours to beat this game. I cant say that I would recommend this game but for the die-hards and can-do gamers here is a good challenge.