Code-Name: Iceman Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
First screen
Playing ball.
Entering the lobby.
The desk clerk
A woman in the bar
Shakin' yo' tail feathers.
A cut-scene aboard an airplane.
At Dulles Airport
The Pentagon - Washington, DC.
Inside the Pentagon
Mission briefing
At the airport in Hawaii
Boarding a US Navy sub.
At the controls of the sub
Plotting your course.
Decoding a secret message with your computer.
The kitchen on the sub.
Which way do I go?
The tool room.
The weapon room.
Heading down a hall.
Yes, this sub is big.
Looks like Russian war ships on the horizon!
Using your periscope to scope out the harbor.
The storage room.
Time to dive!
You just set an explosive charge on the oil rig, now it's time to run!
Letting a flare to find your way in an underwater cave.
Scuba diving right along.
Finally! You have made it alive to Tunisia!
In disguise.
Meeting up with fellow agent Stacy.
Walking around town.
Your room.
Driving up to the terrorist compound.
Inside the terrorist compound.
It's time to free the ambassador, and do some cool hero stuff.
Title screen. (CGA 4 Color Mode)
Intro. (CGA 4 Color Mode)
Intro - Our story begins in Tahiti. (CGA 4 Color Mode)
Starting on a beach. (CGA 4 Color Mode)
Close up of Stacy. (CGA 4 Color Mode)