Comanche 3 (DOS)

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Written by  :  Victor Vance (10083)
Written on  :  Feb 22, 2014
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The Comanche flies in a new direction

The Good

While all former parts of the series focused on fast easy accessible arcade flight action Comanche 3 literally flew in a new direction. The game is still far from being an ultra-realistic hardcore flight-sim, but this time it is a bit tougher to keep your helicopter airborne. So for this time you have to watch your altitude for example as it is now easier possible to crash-land your multi-million Dollar machine than it was in previous games of the series, but in the core it is still very easy to handle.

When the game first appeared the graphics looked absolutely fantastic, and they still do today! The new Voxelspace-engine managed to show some very impressive details like sun reflections in the cockpit windows, the pilot and co-pilot visibly moving their heads when watched from an outside perspective and the cannon pointing in the correct direction when locked onto an enemy just to mention a few examples.

Since it is (as already mentioned) a arcade game it is easy to learn, and just after a few missions you became more and more familiar with the flight model as the game has a moderate learning curve, including a training campaign.

The Bad

The artificial intelligence, especially of your wingman. I guess that in almost 80 percent of the missions he gets shot down. He seems to behave like a kamikaze pilot as he is almost always rushing directly towards the enemy most times not wasting time by searching for adequate cover even if you don´t order him to attack. So in many times he isn´t a great help. The helicopters from other squadrons are even worse. In most cases these Apache and Cobra helicopters starting the mission by flying at high speed directly into the combat zone and usually are all shot down before you appear. Great "help"! So mostly the whole mission is solely depending on you. That isn´t very realistic!

It can also be very frustrating when you are immediately shot down although you have spotted an enemy for about 2 or 3 seconds especially if that happens shortly before a mission is accomplished, and believe me EVERY opponent is a threat to be taken seriously in Comanche 3! It can also be annoying if you have only a a few mission goals left only to realize you are running out of ammo but okay that is also the players fault. But this is often also because you lost your "professional" wingman early in the mission.

The Bottom Line

Don´t get irritated by the fact that the second column is longer than the first one. Comanche 3 is a great game in whole! If you are looking for an excellent looking arcade flight-sim than the Comanche series has always be an excellent choice, and this game is no exception. Although with this part the series became more realistic it is still very easy accessible, but you have to life with the faults mentioned in the 2nd column.

Overall: Highly recommended!