Comanche: Maximum Overkill Credits (DOS)

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Comanche: Maximum Overkill Credits


Design (System)Kyle Freeman
Design (Game)Kyle Freeman, John A. Garcia
ProgrammingKyle Freeman
Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
Technical AdvisorsLeroy Badenoff, Llewellyn S. Buck, Frank Colucci, Geraldine A. Siegel
Graphics / ArtworkKyle Freeman, Lou Gerrard, Rod Parong, Brummbaer
Virtual CartographyJerod M. Bennett, Kyle Freeman
PhotographyJohn A. Garcia, David Seeholzer
MusicStewart Perkins, Gary S. Wilens
Sound ProducerPatric McMenamin
Sound EffectsKyle Freeman
VoicesKathleen Clancy, Sheldon Craig, David R. Holmes
Manual Production ManagersDavid R. Holmes, Sheldon Craig
Manual Written and Editted byAnne Craig, Sheldon Craig, John A. Garcia, David R. Holmes, Lee Miligan
Other "About... Comanche"Frank Colucci
Graphic and Manual Layout Design byThe Design Office of Wong & Yeo
PlaytestingAngelo Misterioso
Special Thanks toMichael Allaire, Jerod M. Bennett, Stew Bloom, John Brooks, John Butrovich, Nina Stanley, Marty Foulger, Ann Lediaev, David Seeholzer, Hock Yeo
Localisation / Translation (German)Guido Alt, Jasper Bongertz, Markus Ludolf, Claudia Tomaschek
Lectors (German)Guido Alt, Annette Khartabil, Claudia Tomaschek
All Comanche photographs are Compliments ofBoeing Sikorsky

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