Comanche: Maximum Overkill (DOS)

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Written by  :  Simon Haller (17)
Written on  :  Apr 25, 2004

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The only flight simulator I could ever play...

The Good

Comanche, more than anything else, had that wonderful Voxel engine. It also had quite a game--I will be forever sad that we're not going to really build this fine aircraft. The game featured around 60 or 70 increasingly difficult tactical engagements, some of which featured wingmen, and all of which, featured a variety of Soviet type enemy combatants.

The hunt for the stolen comanche was particularly good, as it was pretty hard to find this invisible aircraft.

We learned to use the rockets as accurately as Hellfires. We were also very good shots with the Vulcan cannon.

There was a definite appreciation of fractals somewhere in the height field designs, and I later made a simplified, home voxel system for looking at mine.

This is the only flight simulator I've ever played. Made it though all but one of its scenarios---wish I could remember its name.

The Bad

You couldn't fly under bridges. Oh well.

Also, when I finally got my 486, it didn't adust to the 10X increase in processor speed. Truely was meant to be seen on a 286. It was hillarious when seen on 100mgh Pentium 1. It worked, but every thing went "LIKE SO FAST".

The Bottom Line

A Very superior flight simulator for those who just can't fly an F15 featuring a further good simulation of modern weaponry.