Command & Conquer Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Main Title/Main Menu
Selecting sides.
Switching TV channels, from the opening FMV.
The GDI commander Shepard
German no blood version :)
Mission end screen
Choose your mission
A brave soldier
Seth, your boss as NOD player
NOD in the desert
Hard Time
GDI Base
Pre-rendered FMVs are reward to any victorious or even failed mission.
Getting some support from you Gunboat while prepping to establish a base.
Some missions already start by putting you in a fierce battle for survival.
Capturing enemy structures will allow you to build units of the opposing side.
Only way to spot a stealth car is to pass close by it.
Nod forces attacking the GDI outpost.
Prepping to take over the control of a GDI Ion Cannon by capturing advanced radar center.