Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Main menu (EGA)
World map (EGA)
Jumping through trees! (EGA)
Found a hut in the forest! (EGA)
The Story Page 1 (EGA)
The Story Page 2 (EGA)
As the map opens up, you wander into snowy regions... (EGA)
...and lush forests with mysterious temples (EGA)
Lovely palm trees, nice weather, a stun gun in my hands... life is good! (EGA)
Optional rooms with all sorts of collectibles and ammo abound (EGA)
Talk about precision jumping! Use your pogo stick wisely (EGA)
I carefully stick my head out. This enemy is guarding lots of goodies! (EGA)
I made it all the way to the top only to find out that I need a yellow jewel to open this door (EGA)
Jumping in a pyramid (EGA)
Riding platforms in a cave (EGA)
This is not a stone! This guy is an enemy in disguise! Really! (EGA)
Take this, you... you... yellow reptile! (EGA)
Title (CGA)
Main menu (CGA)
All hail the Slug Emperor! (CGA)
World map - a bird's eye view of the Shadowlands (CGA)
Tip of the pyramid (CGA)
A door. (EGA)
Found the scuba gear (EGA)
Scuba diving. (EGA)
High score table. (EGA)
Title screen (unofficial CGA Composite version)
Starting our quest (unofficial CGA Composite version)