Corridor 7: Alien Invasion (DOS)

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Written by  :  Shadow Weaver (17)
Written on  :  Apr 29, 2005
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Another cheesy game from Capstone... Ugh!

The Good

The box art isn't THAT bad, the music is pretty cool, if annoying at times, and the weapons are fun to find and use, the aliens are pretty neat looking, and the games sci-fi theme adds a cool touch to the overall experience.

The Bad

First of, this NOT a DooM clone, its a poor Wof3D clone, using, amazingly, the same engine, in 1994! What was Capstone thinking?

The graphics, for a start, are terrible, although not as bad as in Nerves Of Steel. The wall textures are horrendously pixelated, as are the aliens, weapons, and the floors\ceilings. They make poor use of the engine in that area to start with.

The gameplay is, well, the same as every other FPS. You run around, grabbing health and ammo, red and blue key cards, and kill stuff. The catch here is that you need to go back to the elevator to exit each level, which is where you start each level! The in-game auto-map helps you through the levels however.

Back the levels, which suffer from each level being to similar the last one. The level design is not very creative, and won't do much to keep players interested in the game-world.

And finally, the box says that it uses an "Enhanced Wolfenstein Engine".

Enhanced? I think not!

The Bottom Line

Capstone once again rose to their notoriety as the worst game developers in history with this awful Wolf3D clone. Really NOT RECOMMENDED (lest you say i didn't warn you).