Cricket 96 Credits (DOS)

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Cricket 96 Credits


PublisherAlfred Milgrom
Executive ProducerAdam Lancman
ProducerJames Halprin
Game ProgrammersAdam Blanch, Gerard van der Linden, Brian Post
System ProgrammersDarren Bremner, Adrian Thewlis
Graphic ArtistsJeremy Kupsch, Holger Liebnitz, Mark Maynard
Design Support byBrian Uniacke
MusicMarshall Parker
SoundMarshall Parker
CommentatorsMathew King, Hamish Hughes
UmpireMervyn Day
CricketerGavin Parker
CameraChris Gale
Quality AssuranceRyan Bessemer, Jared Quinert, Gary Ireland
Manual DesignHeston Barber
Voice overs recorded atProduction Workshop
Sound EngineerDavid Briggs
Thanks toThe Super Nintendo development team
Developed with the Assistance ofFilm Victoria

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