Written by  :  Katakis | カタキス (39505)
Written on  :  Dec 15, 2006
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Black Wolf is my name. Causing death and destruction is my game

The Good

Made in 1996 and consistent with its predecessor, Crusader: No Regret is a mission-based action game where you play the Silencer again. It follows straight where Crusader: No Remorse left off. Chairman Nathaniel Draygan (played by Woody Skaggs), after watching the Silencer escape from the Vigilance Platform, sends his assistant, Judith Leach (Mary Chris Wall) after him. You, meanwhile, must complete a series of missions assigned to you by Col. Matt Shepherd (Rick Porter), and these are designed to infiltrate WEC/LMC headquarters.

Although that you don't see any characters from No Remorse, one of the missions has you rescuing Stephen Ely (Alex Morris), the colonel who you were supposed to rescue in the last game, but the Consortium mole had you releasing the wrong person instead. After you rescue Ely, he joins Shepherd and gives you orders, so there is not just one person outlining your mission.

During your mission, you have to destroy any guards that stand in your way using up to ten weapons. Your RP-32, SG-A1, and AC-88 are your basic weapons, but I tend not to use them. You can pick up the most destructive weapons through the game. For example, there are four weapons that I prefer to use. Getting the BK-16 allows you to shoot bolts of liquid nitrogen at enemies and freeze them, then you can shoot again to shatter them. The XP-5 turns enemies into blood and bone. The LNR-81 makes enemies go up in smoke. The most violent of all, the AR-7, sets enemies alight while they run around screaming. As always, I like to stop and destroy WEC equipment all around me. (I forget to mention that if you destroy equipment, you could get past some areas of the game.) You are also equipped with useful tools that manipulate robots, hack into keypads and keycard readers, protect you from radiation, and more. Other than this though, you have to gather keycards, read computer terminals to find out the code for keypads, and other crap.

Throughout most of your missions, you are directed around the complex by one of three rebels. Out of these, I enjoyed listening to Torch (Troy Curvey, Jr.) He has a sense of humor that one of my friends from university has shown. In between missions, you can also watch a cut-scene involving Draygan and Leach having bad situations, and these situations get intense as you progress further into the game.

No Regret employs similar MOD music that you hear from its predecessor, but they are stored as AMF files which can't be played through most players. Most of the tunes are very good and they are of high-quality. The powerful the music depends on how intense the missions are. More than one piece of music is often played during some mission. A couple of pieces from No Remorse are also present in this game.

The controls are the same in No Regret. You can jump, sidestep, roll left or right, or crouch down. Performing some of these maneuvers can get you through certain areas. These maneuvers can help you avoid enemy gunfire as well.

The Bad

Again, the same bug that was found in No Remorse also is found in No Regret. When you use your weapon for about five seconds without stopping, the silencer will keep shooting whether you holster it or not.

The Bottom Line

Crusader: No Regret boasts the same gameplay as its predecessor. You must complete several missions which include destroying structures that will blow up an entire complex and obtain data that will be sent to your boss(es). But not only do you defeat guards that get in your way with the use of your weapons (which some are destructive), but you also have to access computer terminals and gather keycards and use them in the appropriate slots. I'm glad that Origin has retained their “shoot if you see it” policy, that you can shoot objects to destroy them. The high-quality music is excellent and makes you keep playing, and the controls are easy to use. If you enjoyed destruction in No Remorse, there's more where that came from.