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Advertising Blurbs

Back cover:
    You are invited for a dinner date with your arch enemy, Nemesis. And, you are the main course!

    In this Virtual Reality adventure, you'll stalk the Catacombs beneath the towne of Morbidity, and you'll feel like you've entered your worst nightmare... in 3-D living color!

    As you enter the forbidding iron gate into Morbidity, it slams shut behind you... never to open again. You are trapped!

    To make matters worse, the catacombs are inhabited by the fiercest monsters that Nemesis could conjure up with his twisted magic.

    It's up to you to find your way through the 16 levels of mazes in the catacombs. You'll need to find keys and hidden treasure along the way; blast through walls and open up secret passageways. And when attacked by creatures, you'll need to shoot to kill, or be killed.

    Is this a dream? No, it's reality. Virtual reality.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) on Mar 12, 2002.