Curse of the Catacombs (DOS)

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Written by  :  John Rosbach (11)
Written on  :  Dec 07, 2003

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Curse of the Catacombs, another hard old game

The Good

1)The graphics 2)Variety of monsters 3)Two difficulties 4)The names of the levels 5)Takes a long time 6)Maze structure 7)The challenge

The Bad

1)Less than 10 sounds 2)The silence 3)Hard mode is ungodly hard 4)The cheat mode that comes with it 5)Some monsters take way to long to kill 6)Several open places 7)You mainly got 3 choices, kill, be killed, or run like crap 8)Not very puzzling at most cases 9)Nemesis(the boss) is to easy(I guess thats not to bad though) 10)Not much of an ending(ALL THAT JUST FOR THIS!? NOOOOO!!!)

The Bottom Line

This game is a first person shooter that resembles something like Wolfenstien or Doom. Your weapon is your magic missile. You got three power ups you can store and use. Rapid Fire, All Around Fire, or Cure Potion. This game includes a variety of monsters, some of the ones in the game that you will meet are Zombies, Giant Ants, Floating Eyes, Two-Headed Demons, Spirit Monks, Skeletons, and Killer Rabbits(yes, Killer Rabbits, there is one on the cover). This game takes quite the time to play, even on the easy mode. The hard mode is ungodly hard(shoot 10 times and they are still not quite dead yet). The hard mode is one of those difficulties in which you wonder if they makers attended you to beat it(which you can, cause I got lucky enough to). You move around in a 3D maze(without a whole bunch of twist and turns) shooting at the monsters, looking for hidden passages, collecting power-ups, and unlocking gates. When you are killing something, odds are you will be doing hit and run method. The game basically gives you three choices, kill, be killed, or run away. There are other things you can do, like freeze the monsters momentarily(not very many times you can do this). The final fight is basically easy(unless you sucked at storing power ups). The end is kinda relax, but really, after all that you would expect more. The game isn't something that you will probably play everyday after you beat it,but you can still play it if you are looking for a challenge. This first person shooter is better than most other old shooter games that I played because of the variety of monsters(more than 20) and levels(16 or 17). I can't find a real good way to end this, but let just end this with that this is probably one of the better old games that you can get for DOS.