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D Credits


Executive ProducerBilly Pidgeon
ProducerAlessandro De Lucia
Support TeamKelly Coleman, Martin DeRiso
Special ThanksRobert Savell, Eric Samulski
PC Supervisor QA/QCGil Leong
Lead Technical AnalystEdmund Kok
PC TeamJesus Arozamena, Leigh Busch, John Melendez
QA/QC Senior ManagerMike Weiner
QA/QC SupervisorCarol Caracciolo
TestersJon Cerabone, David Chopard, Tom Falzone, Steve Mattocks, Anthony Scaduto, Barbara Strnad, Damon Tabb
Technical Support CoordinatorHarry Reimer
Technical Support LeadHoward Perlman
Technical Support TeamJohn F. Gonzales


Directed byKenji Eno
Written byKenji Eno
Art DirectorShosaburou Tateishi
Computer Graphic AnimatorHideki Sudo
Visual Effects SupervisorNorihiro Yamamoto
Computer Graphic DesignerTomohiro Miyazaki
3D Graphic DesignerYoshiaki Tonooka
ProgrammersNaoya Sato, Hideki Miura
Theme Music Performed byMoscow Festival Orchestra
Sound Produced byArcadia Studio
Sound Effects byHiroki Matsunaga
Music DesignersKenichi Kimura, Kaio Tsuruta
Sound EditorEitaro Suzuki
Original Theme Music byKenji Eno
Theme Music Orchestration byEtsuo Kawasaki

Rozner Labs

ProducerMichael Nugwynne
Lead ProgrammerStephen J. Rozner
ProgrammerOnur Altunyay
Art DirectorWilliam Rozner
ArtistsMichael Bowman, James P. Nigbur
Sound and Effects byStephen J. Rozner, William Rozner
VideoWilliam Rozner
Graphic LayoutWilliam Rozner, Michael Bowman, James P. Nigbur
Graphics ProgrammingStephen J. Rozner

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Credits for this game were contributed by qbert (86)