Written by  :  OceansDaughter (109)
Written on  :  Mar 28, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Although essentially the same game, Laura Bow seems to have had a personality change

The Good

The graphics were a huge improvement over the original. Laura looked really good in this game! The Art Deco-ish look to the game was very appropriate for the era, I thought. It took a great deal of observation and cleverness to get through some of the problems. The setting was absolutely ideal for the game, although not as creepy as the old house in the first game. There is quite a bit that can be done in a museum, and the creators certainly did that. The way that the people were murdered in the game were...creative. I'm not sure if this is a good thing, but it made death fun in this regard. Well, I never did say I was normal. :) There was a nice pre-museum section to the game that let you get a handle on the games interface, but also let you know that the museum wasn't as isolated as the mansion in the first game.

The Bad

I can't remember why no one could get out of the museum. It seems kind of ridiculous for so many people to get murdered there if they could all just leave. Maybe this is something I just can't remember--if a character lost their keys or something. Laura's personality seems to have undergone a bit of a change--at the party, she's making an absolute nusiance of herself by being an obvious snoop. She also doesn't quite appear to have the same level of intelligence she did in the first game--somehow I don't think the Laura in the first game would have allowed her suitcase to be stolen from her the way it was in the opening scenes. I thought Laura was much more street-savvy in the first game. The ending was sappy--I don't think of Laura as a girl that needs to be put with a boyfriend, and yet in this game the creators absolutely pushed for it, and not for the betterment of the game.

The Bottom Line

While this game will put you to the test trying to figure out who did it, I would have to say the changes made to Laura's character and the fact that her romance with Steve was pushed too much lessened my enjoyment of it.