The Dagger of Amon Ra Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
It doesn't take long for the foul play to begin
The game starts here. Above is the traditional Sierra interaction menu
The floppy disk version has copy protection! But of course! You need to have some knowledge of Egyptian gods, which you should anyway!
The send-off to New York...
Outside the New York Daily Register News Tribune
Lo Fat's Chinese Laundry
This is the conversation menu. All the topics are neatly arranged for you, and there are quite a lot of them!
Riding in the taxi
Partying like a rock star
Some objects lead to such close-ups when interacted with
Inside the museum...
Laura hasn't forgotten how to snoop!
Lovely visual design of the area. You meet an... err... interesting young man. Conversations in the game are usually quite well-written
Outside the police station
Talking to the Irish cop
A few instances lead to such dialogue choices, but normally conversation is either automatized or topic-based
Making a deal with some kids
The museum...
If you try to quit the game you see this amusing message
Welcome to the museum... Stay awhile... Stay Forever!! (Oops. Wrong game!)
Like in other Sierra games, death is quite possible here. The tacky-humorous messages are displayed on such separate screens
I got caught sneaking around!
Nice bones!
One of the dino rooms
That's a mean-looking T-Rex there...
A secret message! Can you decipher it?..
Looking at an artifact
Down we go into the basement!
An art room
An office
Nice office for the museum's boss
The security officer's office
Talking - usually with portraits displayed
Look at all the junk!
What is she doing with that painting?
A hall
Laura falls in love?.. ...
Looking in a tank
What's in here?
Ekkkkk! Laura finds a body...
In a storage room
Look at all the mummies!
In the boiler room
Climb up a tunnel. Oh... rats!
Meeting with the coroner
If you do bad in your investigation, you'll get this newspaper headline
Pipin Carter found dead in a mummy coffin