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Dark Ages: Volume I - Prince of Destiny DOS Title Screen


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Apogee Catalog (Dec. 1991 Edition):
    "Prince of Destiny" is volume one of the Dark Ages trilogy. Only part one is available via shareware distribution, the other two volumes ("The Undead Kingdom" and "Dungeons of Doom") may only be purchased directly from Apogee Software Productions. Each volume has 10 sideways-only scrolling levels packed with devious traps, creatures and treasures.

    Dark Ages requires 400k free RAM, and an EGA- or VGA-equipped system is required. Sorry, CGA is not supported. Other features include built in instructions, save and restore, permanent high scores, sound on/off, flexible keyboard configuration, and three skill levels. Registered players will also receive a secret password, which can be used to activate a "child level" mode, and also an auto-fire mode, so you can hold down the fire key for continuous shots!

    Order the Entire Trilogy and Save $15!

    Each volume of Dark Ages is $15, or you can order (and register) all three volumes for just $30. As an incentive to order all three volumes, you'll also receive a hint sheet, a cheat mode password, and new bonus games from Apogee. Plus, you'll be able to call the Dark Ages hints line or mail questions to Apogee for assistance.

    NOTE: It is recommended that you have played this game before ordering. This game employs older software technology that may not satisfy players who have not experienced its action first hand. This game was designed prior to the original Commander Keen games.

    Contributed by Jeanne (75395) on Apr 08, 2002.

Unknown Source:
    Dark Ages is the first shareware game to support the Ad Lib and Sound Blaster music cards. It features a movie-style soundtrack of eight unique songs and themes. It also has sound effects that don't require an Ad Lib (or Sound Blaster) card to enjoy.

    The EGA/VGA graphics are colorful and stunning, with fast scrolling screens and high-speed animation. Dark Ages has such demanding graphics and animation that it requires an 80286 (or 80386) machine to run at proper speed, otherwise it may run too slowly. Therefore, Dark Ages may only run on the newer, faster PCs and compatibles.

    In the game, you're the Prince of the Great Kingdom, who as a child watched your father die at the hands of Garth, a power mad warlord with uncanny magical abilities. Garth sent you away from the Great Kingdom to be raised as a peasant, and to never fulfill your destiny as the future King.

    But Garth made a terrible mistake. The very peasant he choose to raise you was once the Kingdom's greatest hero, long since retired and forgotten. And over the years you were raised as a warrior and as champion of justice, and the time has come for you to claim your heritage, and free the Great Kingdom from the dark age of Garth.

    Contributed by Trixter (8790) on Feb 27, 2000.