Written by  :  Paul Kostrzewa (15)
Written on  :  Apr 05, 2005
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
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Simple chess-like fun with an RPG flavor.

The Good

This is an extremely easy game to pick up with an intuitive interface. The graphics are simple but effective and the animations are entertaining. All-in-all a neat concept and a fun way to kill a few hours without straining your brain too much.

The Bad

The combat screen when pieces move onto an enemies space is a little too arcade-ish for me.

The Bottom Line

"Role playing capture the flag" pretty much sums this one up. Throw your throng of creatures at the enemy in the attempt to find the "flag" (in this case an orb) while keeping yours from being captured. Simply put, a really fun game.