Dark Legions Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Game title
Setting up a serial multiplayer game
Main menu
Top view of the board
Character statistics display
Conjuring a character
Conjuring a cute little vamprie
The Void trap
Let the Demons roar
Back to where yet came from, lad
The Wizard of Oz (or maybe not)
Building your army
The Templar at work
Creating an illusion
A typical combat shot
Some strategy
Viewing your army list
A warrior and an orc rush to close the distance between them
Having closed the distance, the warrior and the orc engage in close combat
A fire elemental and a water elemental hurl their element at each other from a distance
An ogre and a demon trade blows
What Undead Do Together Behind Closed Doors: a wraith slashes at a vampire
The battles between magic-wielders are some of the most exciting
I can't figure out if the fellow on the right is one of the victors or has been defeated