The Dark Queen of Krynn Credits


Game CreationMicroMagic Inc.
System CreationSSI Special Projects Group
ProgrammingDavid Arcand, David Blake, Lester Humphreys, Jason T. Linhart, Bill Sloan
Art DirectorCarol Tanguay
ArtistsHerb Perez, Carol Tanguay
Additional ArtSSI Special Projects Group
Story and DesignHerb Perez
Scenario DesignHerb Perez
ProducerGeorge MacDonald
Associate ProducerKen Humphries
Project ManagersLester Humphreys, Jason T. Linhart
Music ProductionGeorge Alistair Sanger
MusicDavid Govett
IBM Digital Sound DriverJohn Ratcliffe
Amiga Music DriversThe Dreamers Guild Inc.
Sound EffectsBill Sloan, Ben Zeman, Kiri Naiman, SSI Special Projects Group
Encounter AuthorsDavid Arcand, Ken Eklund, Wayne Horgan, Stephen Linhart, Herb Perez, Francis Small
Additional Encounter ProgrammingDavid Arcand
PlaytestersJohn C. Boockholdt, Thomas MacDevitt, Forrest Elam, Michael H. Gilmartin, Cyrus G. Harris, Sean House, John Kirk, Brian Lowe, Thomas A. MacMahon, Alan Marenco, Kiri Naiman, Steven Okano, Jason Ray, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Jeff Shotwell, Emma Tailleir, Chris Warshauer, Larry Stephen Webber, Zane Wolters
Test SupportKym Goyer
Compability TestingTop Star Computer Services Inc.
Copy EditorsEileen Matsumi, AndrĂ© Vrignaud
Special ConsultantsWayne Horgan, Kiri Naiman
Art, Graphic Design & DTPLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Kathryn J. Lee, Chris Mischak
Pre‑press ProductionLouis Saekow Design, Kirk Nichols, Jev Rothe
PrintingAmerican Lithographers Inc.
Cover artwork ("The Dark Queen") by (uncredited)Clyde Caldwell

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159918), NGC 5194 (17273), Indra is stressed (19955) and Pseudo_Intellectual (45630)