Dark Seed Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Intro Sequence
Intro Sequence
Title Screen
Intro Sequence
First day
2nd day
3rd day
4th day... oops !
Look at the name...
Your friend
The map of an alien experimentation... YOU !
Just be a man, go away !
Alien jail
Your friend on the dark world
Don't try to escape, this is just a piece of...
Welcome to the Dark World!
Be careful
A friend, no, really, a friend
The Lord of the Rings
Secret room
Quiet town street
Klug's food market
Local barber shop
Library entrance
Piece of paper
Treasure chest
Driving a car
Alice trick
On the other side of the mirror
Observation deck
A view through binoculars
Draining victims
In prisoned
Alien cerber
Alien prison warden
Dreketh Guards recruitment center
Alien control center