Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Ad in 'The Amber Enchantress' D.S. 1992 novel. (US):


    Prepare to take a quantum leap in computer AD&D® role-playing - on the most successful new fantasy world ever launched: the DARK SUN TM game world! SHATTERED LANDS, first in this next generation of adventuring, delivers state-of-the-art technology, unrivaled game design and a intricate storyline. A harsh new world, brutal and sun-scorched, awaits the party you create. Choose from all-new races with higher levels and multiple classes. Spectacular full-screen graphics and cinematics unfold in continuous action - you never leave the screen to go into another mode for combat, inventory and conversation. A splendid music score and sound effects truly bring the DARK SUN game world to life! The full-blown 16-bit engine delivers smooth animation and game play. Pick up and examine objects, interact with the physical surroundings, converse with characters, battle monsters - all with incredible richness and detail! And the point-and-click interface gives you quick and easy game play!

    • IBM (SEPT.)
    • AMIGA (DEC.)
    • MAC (FEB.'93) $79.95 EA.

      Contributed by Rwolf (14420) on Apr 07, 2013.

    Unknown Source:
      Your party begins as slaves in the city of Draj. You must find a way to escape into the hostile wilderness, join with other escaped slaves and create a rebel force powerful enough to destroy the evil sorcerer-king's armies. Your party moves realistically across the screen picking up and examining objects, interacting with physical surroundings, conversing with characters and battling monsters.

      Contributed by wossname (210) on Jun 26, 2000.