Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Credits (DOS)

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Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Credits


Documentation and Editing of Game TextAl Brown, Eileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
ProducerBret Berry
Associate ProducersDavid Shelley, Rick E. White
Lead ProgrammingRussell Brown
Game ProgrammingKeith Brors, Robert W. Calfee
Tools ProgrammingKathy Bayless, Michael Coustier, John Miles (Music Engine & Low Level Graphic Routines)
Additional ProgrammingKerry Bonin, Douglas Grounds, Dan Hewitt, Robert Lamb, Nicholas Newhard, Tomislav Petrovic, Ken Young
ArtPaul Barton, Laura R. Bowen, Fred Butts, Armand Cabrera, Tamra Dayton, Diane Duffey, David Jensen, Steve Kongsle, Greg Lee, Cyrus Lum, Maurie Manning (Lead Artist), Maurine Y. Starkey, Tom Wahl, Donald Wang, John Xu
Additional Art SupportJoshua M. Cloud, Cyrus G. Harris, Brian Lowe
MusicRalph Thomas (Cooksey)
Sound EffectsRalph Thomas (Cooksey)
FM Voice DesignGeorge Alistair Sanger
Story Design & ProgrammingChris Carr, Caron L. Collver, Adam P. Isgreen, Don McClure
Additional Story SupportRonald Bolinger, Glen A. Cureton, Tom Ono, Rhonda Van
Product TestJoel Billings, John C. Boockholdt, Lee Crawford, Forrest Elam, Sean House, Chris Lanka, Alan Marenco, Steven Okano, Jason Ray, Jeffrey Shotwell (Lead Product Tester), Matthew Vella, Christine M. Watson, Larry Stephen Webber
Test SupportKym Elayda, Annette Grove, Renee Steiner
Compatibility TestingTop Star Computing Services Inc.
Rule Book Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing (Louis Saekow Design)David Boudreau, Leedara Sears
PrintingBanta ISG
Special Thanks ToJames M. Ward
The BossesDaniel Cermak (The Short Boss), Charles J. Kroegel Jr. (The Big Boss)
Project Leader (German version)Jörg Gräfingholt
Localisation / Translation of game (to German)Thomas Buchhorn, Susanne Dieck, Jörg Gräfingholt, Bernd Kurtz, Markus Ludolf
Quality Assurance (German version)Nils Bote, Thomas Buchhorn, Susanne Dieck, Bernd Kurtz
Documentation (Translation to German)Chris Meß
Documentation (Lecturer)Annette Khartabil
Other (Coordination)Kristin Dodt
SupportOliver Dannat, Jörgen Schlegel
Cover artwork byGerald Brom (uncredited)

Clue Book credits

AuthorsChris Carr, Caron L. Collver, Adam P. Isgreen
Contributing Authors and EditorsEileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
Associate ProducerRick E. White
Editing SupportSteven Okano, Don McClure
ProducerBret Berry
Clue Book TestersLee Crawford, Chris Lanka, Brian Lowe, Sean House, Matthew Vella, Jeffrey Shotwell
Special Thanks toJames M. Ward
Graphic Design and DTPLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Leedara Sears, Kirk Nichols
PrintingBanta ISG

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