Darklands Credits (DOS)

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Darklands Credits


Original ConceptArnold Hendrick
Project LeaderArnold Hendrick
DesignArnold Hendrick, Douglas Kaufman, Sandy Petersen, Jim Synoski, Douglas Whatley
ProgrammingBryan Stout, Jim Synoski, Douglas Whatley
Music / Sound ProgrammingKen Lagace, Jim McConkey, Scott Patterson
Graphics / ArtworkPatrick Downey, Rawn Martin, David Menehan, Erroll Roberts, Jackie Ross, Chris Soares
MusicJeffery L. Briggs
Art DirectorMichael O. Haire
PackagingL. M. Jones, Moshe Milich
DocumentationJuanita M. Bussard, Arnold Hendrick, Iris Leigh Idokogi
PlaytestingFrank Brown, Mike Corcoran, Michael Craighead, Chris Hewish, Jeff Johannigman, Ted Markley, David Osborn, Michael Rea, Alan Roireau, Bill Stealey, Vaughn Thomas, Timothy Train, Nick Yuran
Quality AssuranceJonathan Caspian-Kaufman, Douglas Kaufman, B. C. Milligan

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Credits for this game were contributed by George Shannon (115) and Brian Hirt (10073)