Deathtrack Credits (DOS)

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Deathtrack Credits


Program:Dariusz Lukaszuk
Art:Tom Collie, Dariusz Lukaszuk, Kobi Miller, Alan J. Murphy, Steve Snyder, Ron Winnick
3D Art:Mark Brenneman
Music:Russell Lieblich
Sounds:Bryce Morcello
Tracks:Dariusz Lukaszuk
Photography:Randy Dersham
Casting & Makeup:Sher Alltucker
Starring:Sher Alltucker (as Preying Menace), Will Brennan (as Wrecker), Roger Emmert (as Megadeath), Emi Foster (as Killer Angel), Angela Heng (as Crimson Death), David Littlejohn (as MotorManiac), Piotr Lukaszuk (as Mafiozo), Jake Shimanek (as Lurker Logan), Damon Slye (as Slye), Kim Sweeney (as Melissa)
Producers:Steven Ackrich, John A. S. Skeel
Technical assitance:Piotr Lukaszuk, David McClurg
Design:Terry Ishida, Dariusz Lukaszuk
Direction:Jeffrey Tunnell
Dedicated to the memory ofEnzo Ferrari
Moral supportW.L., T.L., T.R., A.T., C.T., T.H., S.S.
ThanksPaul Bowman (for playing foosball with us), Steve Wendell (for the red Ferrari - we’ll probably return it soon)
Special thanks toTerry Ishida

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