Defender of the Crown Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen (CGA)
The cast (CGA)
Choose your character. (CGA)
Meet Robin. (CGA)
Overview (CGA)
The tourmanent starts... (CGA)
The tourmanent itself (CGA)
Attacking a castle. (CGA)
A siege (CGA)
Another siege (CGA)
A Saxon maiden has been kidnapped! Do you attempt a rescue or not?
The beautiful Saxon maiden Rosalind during the love scene
Hey, it wouldn't be a Cinemaware game without a scene like this right?
You and your new bride on the map
Falling in love with a beautiful Saxon maiden after you rescue her.
Philip Malvoisin's info
Reginald Front-de-Boeuf's info
Roger Falconbridge's info
The joust. I am going to joust against Philip Malvoisin.
Riding to Sherwood to seek help from Robin Hood.
A battle
Game Over. I lost.
Plotting Normans.
The beautiful Saxon maiden Anne
Anne is now my wife.
Inside the castle's inner keep during a raid
Title screen (EGA)
The cast (EGA)
Select your character (EGA)
Meet Robin (EGA)
Overview (EGA)
The tournament begins (EGA)
Select your opponent (EGA)
Your opponent (EGA)
Raiding a castle (EGA)