Der Planer Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The intro
The game starts with a healthy breakfast
Title screen
At the start of the game, you choose your new job (=game) via a wanted ad. In the lower left corner is the "load" button.
Your bosses
A new day starts
Your office building
You can drive to various locations with your car.
The elevator. I hope you like it, because you will use it a lot
Your office
The OS of your computer
Here you find all relevant information about your company, contracts, employees, etc...
This neat little fax (you remember faxes, don't you) can be used to finalize contracts and contact your trucks
Your laptop, complete with...
... a fake booting sequence ;)
Advertisements in relevant magazines are important
The "truck pool". This nice lady keeps you informed about arrivals
The human resources guy
The lawyer ( Have I mentioned that this game is illustrated by the same guys as Biing;))
The city map
Those are the personal luxuries you try to get
Holding a conference at my company
Just signed a contract
Lets have a look at the yellow press ;)
That's what the Germans call a "Brummi" ;)
If you can't handle all your contracts, you can sell them to the competition
The radio keeps you informed about the traffic situation
An overview about the workforce in your company
The occasional accident happens, like a road crash ...
or a terrorist attack (!)
The grease monkey, always concerned about his babies
Chatting with a truck salesman
Not only trucks can be used, forwarding is also possible via train,...
and plane
The printer, you can issue real prints for your printer from here
This charming little fellow is your contact in the local bank. Hopefully you never need him
Use the fax to give new orders to your trucks
Finally at home after a hard days work