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The same game with better graphics and better levels wossname (156) unrated
Didn't like the first, didn't like the second. Tomer Gabel (4351) 3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Overall User Score (46 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Electric Playground (May 10, 1996)
Descent II is the ultimate release. You'll be so used to the gravity free lifestyle you can enjoy in this title, you're going to hate crashing back down to reality. I guarantee this is money well spent. With the ability to get into some seriously cool network play and the thought of rising through 5 different difficulty levels, there's an extraordinary amount of game for the dough. And you just know that the patches are going to start flowing for this thing and pretty soon you'll be able to score a whole bunch of new mines to vanquish. I really don't think you'll be able to get tired of this game until Descent III storms into town. Right now EP is desperately trying to find the time to link up and spend a few hours in "Anarchy" mode. So, if you'll just grant me the leniency to wrap up this evaluation, I'll get back to my high speed, 3D, full frills devastation. See you there?
All in all, I have to say that Descent II is a great game. It may not be for everyone, especially those who get motion sickness easily, but once you get used to piloting in 3 dimensional space, you'll be mesmerized by the intensity of the action. Add the possibility of challenging your friends through network play and Descent II is definitely the best 3D game available on the market today.
Single player, cooperative, head-2-head, no matter how you look at it, Descent II is about the best sequel to be released thus far this year! Everything about it screams quality and excellence. As a single player game I was hurting pretty bad about the 22nd level, leaving Descent II as a great and challenging single player game, even with the help of your trusty guide-bot. Supersmart AI, all new tougher than ever bosses, a few intresting secret levels, well planned level construction, unbeatable multiplayer options and gameplay, beautiful graphics, killer redbook audio with the same quality adrenaline pumping MIDI soundtrack that Descent was known for, all spells one thing: A PCM&E Excellence in Achievement Award winner! Descent II exceeds in all areas for being one of the best of the best PC gaming titles in its catagory.
GameSpot (May 01, 1996)
If you don't like Descent at least a little bit, make no mistake, there is something wrong with you. Descent II's huge replay value and absolutely insane network play should ensure its popularity for a long time.
Coming Soon Magazine (Apr 15, 1996)
A rest was all you needed after having painfully cleared out the alien infestation from the mines of the Solar System that was threatening the world of "Descent". However, on your way back to the PTMC Outer-Rim station in the Asteroid Belt, the thought of being called on duty again was the last thing on your mind.
Entertainment Weekly (Apr 12, 1996)
If you found the original disorienting, you may want to think twice about picking up Descent II. It's more difficult to navigate than the original (you pilot a ship through an alien space station). And the addition of a ''guide bot'' to scout the endless 3-D corridors, find weapons, and sniff out enemies doesn't help much to reduce the confusion. That, however, is precisely the charm: Because you can maneuver your craft a full 360 degrees, getting lost is part of the fun. Just be sure to bring a sturdy joystick and plenty of Dramamine.
PC Games (Germany) (Apr, 1996)
Descent 2 hat die Erwartungen voll erfüllt. Parallax hat sich von seinem Grundkonzept nicht abbringen lassen und nur wenige Verbesserungen in das Programm integriert - so kann der erfahrenere Spieler gleich voll einsteigen und muß sich nicht erst an unnötigen Firlefanz gewöhnen, der einen Nachfolger normalerweise eher schadet als zugutekommt. Der blutige Anfänger wird aufgrund des immer noch einzipartigen Spielprinzips ohnehin von Descent 2 begeistert sein.
Parallax has a great sequel on their hands. It has many more new features than Doom 2 had, and that's just in the demo version. All this demo really does is whet your appetite more for what is in store. The commercial release of D2 should be quite spectacular, with all the aforementioned features, and CD audio by Ogre of Skinny Puppy. My only problem with the demo is that it makes me more anxious for the real release!
Mit dem zweiten Teil von Descent müssen Sie ein wenig Geduld haben. Dabei ist es auf den ersten Blick eigentlich das Gleiche wie im ersten Teil. Die ganzen versteckten Neuerungen wie die neuen Waffen oder den herzallerliebsten Guide-Bot lernt man erst in den späten vertrackteren Levels zu schätzen.
Power Play (Apr, 1996)
Der Höhlenflug durch „Decent 2“ überzeugt: Kein anderes 3D-Spielsystem ist intelligenter als der Actionknaller von Parallax. Das liegt vor allem an den gegnerischen Robotern, die den Spieler mit ihren raffinierten Manövern zu wohlüberlegtem Vorgehen zwingen. Parallax hat konsequent die wenigen Schwachstellen des Vorgängers behoben, speziell der „Guide-Bot“ macht die Navigation durch die 3D-Welt zum Kinderspiel. Außerdem ist der Blechkamerad so intelligent, daß es einen Heidenspaß macht, ihm auf dem Weg zum nächsten Schlüssel durch die Gänge jagend zu folgen. Trotz SVGA gibt’s von mir keinen Schönheitspreis, wegen fehlender Details vergißt man ungeachtet der stimmungsvollen Texturen die dahinterliegenden Polygone nicht ganz. Aber was soll's: „Descent 2“ ist besser als der Vorgänger und eine Empfehlung für alle, die mehr wollen als das übliche 3D-Geballer.
PC Joker (Mar, 1996)
An der zur jeweiligen Situation passenden Akustik aus Sound-FX und düsterer MIDI-Musik hat sich wenig geändert, sie ist immer noch klasse. Die logisch aufgebaute Steuerung bekommt man speziell in einer Mischung aus Thrustmaster bzw. Flightstick Pro und Tastatur intuitiv in den Griff, und natürlich werden einmal mehr VR-Geräte wie das „VFX1“ oder die „i-glasses!“ unterstützt. Aber auch am guten alten Monitor kommt bei Descent II viel Freude auf.
If you couldn't get enough of the original DESCENT, then DESCENT II is a worthwhile investment. If, though, you feel like you've sucked the marrow out of the original, and aren't really slavering for more, then the evolutionary enhancements probably aren't worth the price. Newbies who want to get their paws on a psycho-fast 3-D shooter won't go wrong with this head-banging dance through an alien mine complex. After all, what's not to like?
The final result is a game that maintains the atmosphere of the original, yet improves on it in many ways to enhance gameplay for new players as well as experienced Descent dogfighters. Although it would have been more impressive if outdoor levels were added, one can hardly fault the developers, since they have added over 10 new weapons and 30 new enemies. Some sequels such as Doom II get away with adding one new weapon and a few new enemies. Descent II is no doubt more of the same, but there's no question it is much more fun to play than the original, thanks to added navigation tools. In the end, for 360-degree flight action games, Descent II reigns supreme yet again.
Alligevel er der ingen tvivl om, at Descent II er bedre en etteren. Her er ligefrem så mange nyskabelser, at man med rette kan kalde spillet en toer og ikke bare en datadiskette, selv om indholdet grundlæggende er det samme.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr, 1996)
Al het voorgaande kan niet verbergen dat er in Descent II niets fundamenteel nieuws te bespeuren valt. Wat mij deed afknappen in de eerste versie, was het gebrek aan variatie in de levels en de missies: als je een level gezien had, dan had je ze allemaal gezien. Dit is in Descent II niet anders. De grootste troef van dit spel zal dan waarschijnlijk ook wel in de uitgebreide multiplayer opties liggen, want als stand-alone spel zal Descent II zeer snel stof liggen te vergaren in mijn rek met niet gebruikte software.
High Score (Jun, 1996)
Den som väntar sig himlastormande nyheter i Descnet 2 lär bli ganska besviken. Visst har det putsats en del sedan ettan, men det är fortfarande samma snurra-runt-i-korridorer-spel som föregångaren. Descent 1.5 hade varit ett mer passande namn.