Descent II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Returning from the first Descent game (from the intro, in Asteroid belt)
They send you immediately to the second Descent (from the intro, warp sequence)
Main Menu
One of the new robots of Descent 2
In-game shot - 1
In-game shot - 2
Game loading screen (3Dfx version).
Game start (3Dfx Voodoo patch from Parallax/Interplay, running in DOSBox w/ nGlide).
Game start (3Dfx Voodoo 2 patch from 3Dfx Interactive, running in DOSBox w/ nGlide).
Full-screen no HUD view (3Dfx patch from 3Dfx Interactive). Full cockpit view mode is not available in the 3Dfx versions.
Transparent explosion (3Dfx patch from 3Dfx Interactive).
Effects when firing the Vulcan Cannon (3Dfx patch from 3Dfx Interactive).