Written by  :  Jeremy Bailey (5)
Written on  :  Jul 03, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Was a good game on an older PC

The Good

It is the first of the Descent series, an old PC game where you're in a ship and fly through mines to find keys to open certain doors and kill a reactor or a boss robot. It is just fun to be able to have the freedom to move around, and to go up to the ceiling to look at things, rather than being stuck on the floor.

The Bad

I don't know what happened from the time I played Descent years ago, and now. There are problems! It may be because my PC is very fast now, or that I am very use to Descent 3, and how that handles, but Descent is VERY hard to handle. The ship bounces up and down fast, and any slight movement threw me off course. Again, this may be because of my PC. If it was that bad before, I don't think I would have bought it and loved it. I can't get sound or music that easily as well.

The Bottom Line

Your best bet is to get Descent II or III. If your PC plays DOS games well, without problem, or little problem, you may have much better luck with this game than I did. Like I said, I remember having music, sound, and moving around without problems. I wonder if it's because I only used a keyboard, or a game pad.