Descent Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
One of the robots of Descent, Small Hulk
Against two Class 1 Drones...
Against two Small Hulks...
Finding the reactor of the level...
Finding two hostages...
Finding a secret place...
Exiting the mine (view from inside the ship )
Exiting the mine (view from outside the ship)
Scare Screen
PTMC mission briefing (game intro sequence).
Rear view from the ship's cockpit.
Firing level 3 lasers down a long shaft in the Lunar Scilab.
The Material Defender's ship escapes to the surface of the moon (level ending sequence).
Level tally screen.
Level intro/briefing.
The lasers can be upgraded several times. The colour of the beams changes according to the power level.
The 3D automap.
Simplified HUD view.
Minimized HUD view.
The Spreadfire Cannon can be used to hit fast-moving targets.
Ordering information splash screen (shareware version).