Destruction Derby Credits


DesignMartin Edmondson
ProgrammingRussell Lazzari, William Musson, Michael Troughton, Robert Troughton
Graphics / ArtworkPhil Baxter
3D ModellingMartin Edmondson
MusicElliot Sumner, Tim Swan
Sound EffectsElliot Sumner, Tim Swan
VoicesSteve Cooke, Jessica Martin
ProducerTony Parkes
Product ManagementJoanne Galvin, Michelle Harris
Marketing (France)Catherine Jaymond
PR (France)Catherine Jaymond
Marketing (UK)Glen O'Connell
PR (UK)Glen O'Connell
Public Relations GermanyIngo Zaborowski
DocumentationHuw Thomas
German Manual TranslationUlrich Mühl
Project LeadClemens Wangerin
PackagingPeter Dyke
Quality AssuranceJonathon Wild
Box and manual designAt Work Werbeagentur GmbH; Wiesbaden - Germany

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xa4 (311) and formercontrib (159527)