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Dinotopia Credits


Executive ProducerDov Jacobson
Coordinating ProducerPeri Koch Phillips
Video DirectorKevin Powley
Writing / DialogueMitch Klebanoff, Tom Lopez
Background ArtworkJohn Nelson
Video CompositionistBill Chapman
TREBLE Game CodeDavid Rosenbaum
Product ManagerAmy Kerley
Printed Matter DesignerKevin Smith
Packaging Design Mgr.Gary Albright
Graphic ArtistTracy Sharp
Promotions ProducerMarcus Matthews
Promotions ProductionMatt Williams
PublicistScott Arenson
Quality AssuranceJ. D. Powers
Operations DirectorBlake Lewin
Check WizardClaudia Bridenbecker
Focus TestingElizabeth Crawford
Production AssistantKaren Bowen, Tom Capello
Wood Cut IllustratorBrad Teare
Screen DesignerJeff Jones
Credit EditorIsabel Gonzalez
IllustratorSteve Gallegos
GafferMarty Mewbron, Denny Mooradian, Bob Slavinsky, Russ Thomas
Sound TechnicianMardy Beeson, Mike Reff, DJ Roller
Production ExecutiveDan Darling
Production SupervisorJack Frost
Sound DesignerMark Coddington
CostumerFiona Leonard
Second Unit DirectorTony Marshall
Game TestersTom Carter, John Lawton, Ron Moore, John Saye, Chris Woodham
CastAnne Gilstrap (as Theona McClaine), Kelly Hughes (as Constance Drake), Dennis Meredith (as Tok Timbu), Franklin Wilson (as Lee Crabb)
Lead PuppeteerPeter Hart
PuppeteersEvy Berman, Bobby Boxer, Brien Engel, Jeff Polston, Jane Catherine Shaw
VoicesMarcia Crenshaw (as Thundra), Tommy Futch (as Kurfoot), Scott Hilley (as Nestar, Taron), Barbara King (as Onno, Magnecia), Bill Tullis (as Brokehorn), Gary Williams (as Atrik, Zooker, Dino Baby), Greg Williamson (as Mishem)
Additional VoicesYolande Baven, Jack Vinson Zoe Block, Leslie Geraci, Anna Jacobson, Jesse Jacobson, Judy Jacobson, John McDonough, Gregory F. Mehrten, Eric Obenzinger, Virginia Rambal, Tom Robbins, T. A. Stewart
Puppet Creators and Makeup ArtistsChris Adams, Chris Anignane, Tom Black, Derek Curtis, Andre Freitas, Peter Hansen, Scott Profitt, Steve Reich, Gary Torkington
Special Thanks ToMichael Reagan, Michael Stone, Scott Usher
ProducerRichard Pferdner
Assistant Producer, Game Designer, and WriterRobert Leh
Assistant Producer, Music and AudioLawrence Schwedler
Assistant ProducerRobert Clampett
Game Design DirectorRobert Wiggins
Game Designer and WriterSteven Hunter, Craig Winter
Additional Dialogue WriterAl Gomez, Matthew T. Kuzma
Chief Art Director and 3D Mannequin ArtistBradley W. Schenck
Art Director and ISO ArtistEdward Lacabanne
Art Director, Stage and Animation ArtistJhoneil Centeno
Sprite ArtistHeather Anderson, April Skinas
3D Mannequin ArtistDiane Cooper, Robert L. Miles
ISO ArtistSteve Jasper, David L. McLean, Daryl Phillips
Stage, Sprite, and ISO ArtistShelly M. Garcia
Stage and ISO ArtistMichael Evanston
Stage and Animation ArtistE. Christian Felts
Animation ArtistRafael Navarro, Stepan O. Nazar
Technical Director Talin
Lead ProgrammerFrank Cartwright
ProgrammerEvan Olson, David Richey, Alex Sherman, Gene Turnbow
Scripter and Video ProcessorLance Watanabe
ScripterSharon McIntyre, Divendra Sharma
Sound Effects and Sprite ProcessorJames Phillipsen
Quality Assurance DirectorWalter Hochbrueckner
Quality Assurance SupervisorKristine MacDonald
Lead TesterMartin D. Rosamond
TesterTroy Brown, Geoff Greenberg, William Kim, Michael Williams
Live the Adventure based on the best-selling books byJames Gurney

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159771) and Ryan McAndrews (61)